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Today SlashPixels launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo with its own product, an Artificial Intelligence image search engine for designers: a “Google for Designers”.

SlashPixels works in the opposite way to traditional image search on popular design sources (based on image description and tags), instead using Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorythms to understand over 10 million design images directly on sources like Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Cargo, Awwwards, Pttrns and many more.

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I really love the idea of SlashPixels Vladimir Shreyder, founder Glitché app

SlashPixels is similar to Google image search, but works much better for various type of designs because the focus is on design only and therefore understands more than Google – the fonts used for artworks, grids, icons, composition, objects on the image, and many more. SlashPixels understands any design-related search requests like “rounded illustration with mountain” and can find all the desired images on many design sources.

“I really love the idea of SlashPixels; in fact, a search doesn’t work well on design sources, and you should track many different sources for good inspiration” – said Vladimir Shreyder, founder of Glitché app.

SlashPixels will become a general purpose image search engine, intended as a starting point when searching for inspiration and viewing new trends. SlashPixels’ mission is to better inspire designers and push their artwork to the next level.

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SlashPixels’ Highlights

  • Offers much better search of designs than Google
  • Allows you to become aware of who is copying your design features
  • Allows you to upload designs and find similar designs
  • Allows you to search files like .otf, .psd, etc.
  • Is a real-time aggregator of top design sources
  • Allows you to sync your collections with your cloud storage on-the-go
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SlashPixels Crowdfunding Campain on IndieGoGo

Using Flexible Funding on IndieGoGo SlashPixels team would reach goal of $75K and build a beta-testers community. This amount was the minimum that needed to finish off prototype, analyze more then 10 TB of images and teach algorytms understand artworks. In a return contributors get early access to Beta and exclusive, limited edition T-shirt and Hoodies designed by Nik Raizvich, featured regullary on Behance. Shipping worldwide for T-shirts and Hoodies is available. And 2 special perks, month or three month of live 24/7 desktop preview of SlashPixels Founder, that let see how SlashPixels Team design, works and communicates, and everything that’s happened on Founder laptop.

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