Infographic: Tablet Takeover

If you’re pursuing an online education, chances are you’ve gotten used to spending a lot of your time on the Internet. For more and more students, classes, resources, and textbooks are all coming to exist primarily online. As an online student, you probably access most of your resources from a desktop, laptop, or, if you’re ahead of the technology curve, a tablet. Just as laptops once edged out desktops as students’ main way of accessing the Internet, so tablets have also begun to replace laptops for many users. Tablets have rapidly become the most quickly adopted piece of technology to hit the market in years, and they’re revolutionizing Internet portability. For online students, this portability is changing the face of Internet-based learning: Students with tablets are able to keep classes and resources at the fingertips constantly in a way that even laptops aren’t capable of doing. And in brick and mortar schools as well, many experts and educators believe that tablets could replace old school textbooks in the near future. If you are a tablet owner or user, then there’s a good chance that you’ve forgone your old laptop in favor of the easy convenience of a tablet—and if you’re not a tablet user yet, you’d be surprised at how that may soon change as tablets become more affordable, accessible, and attainable for broader demographics.

Tablet Infographic


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