Infographic: Failing Gracefully: The Secret to Startup Success

Like many who pursue their MBA, you’ve probably already spent some time considering the possibility of one day starting your own business (trust me I do:)). For most would-be entrepreneurs, the thought of trying to start a business presents a wide array of challenges, and in the tricky business of starting your own company, the idea of “failure” is usually the most daunting opponent. In today’s tech saturated economy, the start-up culture has grown consistently more prevalent, with entrepreneurs and dreamers packing up and heading in droves to pursue the dream of tech stardom. While not every business is going to turn into the next Facebook, and certainly not every CEO will become the next Mark Zuckerberg, there is nonetheless something exciting about starting fresh and working your way up to running a company worth putting you name on. However, getting to that point takes a great deal of time, talent, and resources that even the most ambitious of entrepreneurs are daunted by. If there’s one thing a seasoned business owner will tell you, however, it’s that you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs; or rather, to succeed in a start-up, sometimes a little failure can be the best thing for you and your company. Check it all out in this infographic.

Startups Infographic


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