In Space? – Poster Series by Aleksandar Papez

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Graphic, reduced posters and postcards, ideal for your livingroom, bedroom or as a gift. Designed and produced in Switzerland by Aleksandar Papez, 20 years old designer from Uster, Switzerland (which is close to Zürich). He started designing when he was 14 and taught himself most of what he currently knows. But besides his own teaching, he also had some great teachers in Typography (René Wäger) and Poster Design (Stefanie Preis).

Aleksandar: The title of this poster Series is “In Space?” because every scene could either be humans on another planet, but also aliens on earth. I wanted to work with bold an surreal color combinations, often even complementary colors. I sketch with pen and paper and sometimes take photos as inspiration. The final designs I create in Adobe Illustrator, this allows me to make my posters available at any size (A2 is the standard, everything else needs to be requested). There are now 5 posters in this series and I will make one more before it’s complete, if you want updates you should follow me on twitter or like my shop on etsy ;). If you buy 3 posters at once you profit from 20% off!












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