How to use Digital Art for good UX Design

The ways to enhance the user experience of the website and social media platforms with the help of digital marketing are as diverse as the term digital art! Digital art refers to the artistic work, meaning design, color selection and the overall presentation of the entire product and the business brand, with the help of the use of technology. In the past when technology wasn’t this advanced and the concept of having robotic figures was a fantasy, the website development and designing was done using simple practices like the painting, content managing, and good website navigation. Unlike the past era, the idea of improving the UX using the latest technology has risen these days. This is because of the introduction and prevalence of the digital age and the fact that customers are now valued more than ever before.

What suggests that you have a good UX design?

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According to ResearchGate, the website’s credibility is judged 75% based on the overall aesthetics of the website. The aesthetics are considered a strong factor that determines whether a customer will visit the website again or not. Thus, it helps in improving the user’s experience and so does the content of the website, its speed and the presence of a responsive business website for the mobile devices.

Use digital art to improve your UX design in these ways!
Read below and pin the ideas you like. Don’t forget to implement them as a good UX design is a key to digital success.

1. Use of exceptionally good designing software

When it comes to digitally designing the website or a platform for interaction with the customers, the graphic designing, and other software are used to do that. These software are used to design the website page and make them beautiful in terms of color selection, theme, and the template. According to the latest trends, the designers are compelled to design a minimalistic website with the time-saving design. The presence of white spaces is still in focus and the use of high-quality photographs, infographics, and videos is appreciated. The content-focused experience of the users is enhanced by offering only the finest quality, useful, informative, interactive, and fresh content.

2. Use of digital assistant to support voice search

The digital technology known as artificial intelligence is now ruling over the entire digital world. Digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google’s assistant are the result of this technology. They fall under the category of digital art and hence, are used to enhance the UX by offering immediate help to the users who find themselves lost on the website. Also, they have made voice-search quite common. Implementing this tech in the website design helps you follow the Google algorithm and the SEO rules. Gartner suggests that by 2018, 30% of our interactions with the technology will be done with the help of conversations with voice-based systems. Wouldn’t you want to offer this feature to your customers?

3. Micro-interactions shaping a good UX design

The micro-interactions impart the feeling of being honored to the customers. The reactions on Facebook to a post suggest that the emotions of the customers or what they think about the post/ brand are valued. This makes them feel important and so they tend to invest more in the business brand. Thus, add micro-interactions to your UX design and see how the chart of user engagement is going to climb!

4. Personalizing design via machine learning

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The digital art technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the language system are used to analyze the tons of data obtained after tracking the user’s behavior on the website. The data-driven analysis done by these technologies help in the future by acting according to the user’s behavior on the website. It offers them content highly-tailored according to their taste and helps gain their trust and brand loyalty.

5. Feedback capturing will increase

The year 2018 is all about enhancing the way of capturing the user feedback and using it to further improve their desktop and mobile experience. The idea of integrating synthetic feedback for better customer experience by putting multi-sensory experiences within the interface is the big challenge for the future. Using digital art, even this will be made possible.

6. Conversational bots for better customer support

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Of course, the chatbots are one of the most commonly used latest technologies these days that deal with the customer in a friendly and helpful manner. The AI chatbots are increasingly used for offering better conversational experience to the desktop and mobile website visitor. Thousands of chatbots are launched till now and more are yet to come!

7. Introduce VR videos for better e-commerce

The use of visual content and different types of videos helped in enhancing the user engagement so far but now, the developers are taking this to a whole new level. The digital virtual reality tech is being incorporated to make videos for better e-commerce experience. The company named River Pools is among the first ones to use the VR video to market its product. They have this library of videos that allows the customers to take a walk around and view the different pool sizes. Isn’t it amazing? This pool brand has taken UX design to a whole new level using digital arts, right?

Here are the seven different ways in which the digital art is utilized to offer an amazing UX design. The purpose of better UX design stays the same. It is to enhance the business, increase the sales, earn more profit, and promote the business. All of this is done only by improving the user experience and the above-mentioned digital art trends help you do so!

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