How To Mix And Match Furniture Styles In Interior Design

Interior designing and home decor is a crucial aspect of any residential space. To manage things aesthetically you need to pick and choose the right things and the right combinations. Furniture forms an integral part of the home decor and design. Any home decor or interior designing plan for your home is incomplete without the right kind of furniture.

Being a major element you can always mix and match with the furniture style and design to match the overall theme. In fact, hiring top furniture design services as a part of interior decor is something that has picked up as a trend recently.

Mixing and matching the furniture style is not that easy as it sounds. Picking and matching various styles and giving a unique look requires some sense and knowledge about the same. That’s why we said that hiring of services of furniture designers is becoming a trend. However, it’s not like that one cannot do it on their own. Yes, we understand that hiring furniture design services can be costly and that’s why we have come up for you. Here we would be discussing few ways through which you can easily mix and match furniture style to sync in the interior design.

Set The Idea

To begin with, it’s very important to have a clear picture of what you want in your mind. Once you get that clarity it would be very easy to proceed as you know what you need and how to go. Otherwise getting lost in the path of the mix and match is very easy. Thus, get the kind of design you are aiming for as a standard, start picking things up and go to this site if you need professional interior designer.

Neutral And Simple

Next up in the path comes the color scheme. Here the idea that you should have is to go neutral and simple. By saying that what we mean is that opt for a neutral shade that goes well with your plan. Further don’t stress too much for a particular color as it may overshadow other things. Say for example if you have a sofa and an armchair then try and keep their color and tone in a way so that they complement each other and not compete.

Subtle Patterns

Patterns are something that you can’t escape when talking about designing. While doing the mix and match with furniture the idea should be to go for subtle patterns. That means you should try and avoid large patterns covering big areas and go for subtle patterns occupying small areas. The logic here is to get cohesion in the look and avoid a busy kind of feel.

The Balance

Everything you do get the idle mix and match combination would end up at getting the balance right. A over of something and less of something is what you should look to avoid while doing the things.

Rule Of 80:20

In interior designing and home decor, the rule of 80:20 is very popular. The rule says that the main theme should be occupying 80% of the total space and the rest 20% should have a different kind of style. You should keep that rule in mind while executing your plan too to get professional and desired results.

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