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Heisenberg Chronicles is a Tumblr tribute to one of the best shows on TV, you have probably heard of it and maybe you already know the show just by reading the title, but if you haven’t guessed it by now, the show I am talking about is of course Breaking Bad. This blog showcases all Breaking Bad related fan art, and even though the show is over, it still publishes new artworks on a daily base. Below a selection with my favorites. Obviously I haven’t seen them all, as the blog states: “More than 11,500 illustrations, posters, paintings, photos, t-shirts and other fan art inspired by AMC’s Breaking Bad“. But hey, if you have an artwork there, feel free to submit it here as well!















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Houke de Kwant is a frontend developer from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study).

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