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The butterfly’s metamorphosis as the metaphor of rebirth is the 13th CinemAmbiente film festival’s guiding image’s key element. Paper, aluminium, glass, plastic and organic waste finds new life in a romantic composition encompassing an awareness message of a binding necessity of everyday life such as the waste disposal and recycling.

This is the description of this creative campaign created by Flarvet, a collective graphic design studio based in Turin, in the north of Italy, surrounded by the Alps covered with snow most of the year.

With a combination of creative and strategic skills, we help public and private companies to translate their goals into design that communicates. We consider our clients more as partners than mere customers, and we offer them a tailored work and a problem-solving approach to their projects, whether they are big corporates or small passionate businesses. Whether we are asked to develop a new portal website or an adv campaign, we prefer not to sell out-of-the-box, ready made solutions, as we don’t believe this approach is useful in today’s highly competitive, quality demanding markets: we prefer to listen, talk, analyze, ask questions and build strong and long-lasting relationships with those clients who appreciate our dedication and our beliefs. Flarvet was founded in February 2008 by Diego Laredo de Mendoza, Simone Ricci and Alessandro Talarico.












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