Fascinating Garden Design That Can Be Incorporated at Domestic Houses

A garden is a prime outdoor space of a house, which contributes largely to beautifying the property. Hence, many people are particularly sensitive about the garden design of their homes. The nature of the land, dimensions of the free space, and taste of the house owner are the major factors that decide the style that can be incorporated in a garden. You can choose garden landscape, fountain, and even colorful stones to keep your garden design up to date. 

Types of Garden Design That Are Commonly Chosen

#1. Bog Garden: This type of garden is most suitable for moist soil that receives plenty of sunlight. Some special species of ferns, creepers, and flowering plants are usually chosen for growing in waterlogged or muddy ground. This garden design is accompanied by a pond or any other water feature, to keep a steady supply of water in the area. Also, you should keep in mind that the soil content in a bog garden should not be too porous, the water retention capacity of the soil must be checked.

#2. Japanese Garden: Japanese ideals of designing a garden are adopted for creating a natural landscape, which includes various trees, flowering plants, worn-out materials, natural rocks and stone lanterns. Japanese rock garden or herb garden consists of twisting garden paths, koi ponds, bonsai trees, and rhododendrons. You can decorate more with artificial lanterns and garden lights.

#3. Butterfly Garden: This garden design is primarily meant to attract lots of butterflies and moths, by designating some plants as feed for their caterpillars. Lots of flowering plants and trees are chosen to adorn this garden, which can serve as a source of nectar for butterflies. Hence, it is necessary to choose plants of different heights and that grow in different seasons so that butterflies continue to get a steady supply of food.

#4. Mediterranean Garden: The Mediterranean style of gardening is very popular in places with tropical weather conditions. Usually, figs, junipers, rosemary, lavender, olives, oregano, persimmon, and some citrus fruits plants are preferred for creating this type of garden. These plants can be put in earthen pots or ceramic pots and you can also color these if needed. These plants need the least amount of water for growth and resistant to drought, for which they are chosen for this garden.

#5. Cottage Garden: This garden needs to have a rustic look, for which some wild varieties of plants can be chosen. The place can be rendered a romantic charm, by planting various shrubs that produce colorful flowers. Hence, primroses, calendula, violets, roses of different colors, and daisies are preferred for this garden design. A shade or pergola may be constructed for the smooth growth of flowering creepers over it or for providing safe shelter to dwarf plants.

#6. Rain Garden: This kind of garden is best suited for roofs, parking spaces, driveways, garden paths, and lawns of houses. Therefore, different types of ferns, wildflowers, shrubs, rhizomes, and small plants that can absorb excess rainwater and send it back to the atmosphere, by the process of transpiration.

#7. Tropical Garden: In this type of garden, you will find tropical plants with big leaves can thrive well in the colder weather of temperate regions and are preferred for shaping up this garden design. Usually, the backside of a garden consists of a dense growth of small plants around a koi pond or a small rock structure. Orchids, wax flowers, bananas, ferns, and Bird of Paradise are the common plants chosen for this garden. 

There are plenty of other varieties of gardens and a homeowner simply needs to choose any particular garden design that suits his home.

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