Eliezer Pharmacy Brand Identity

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Lesmor Creative were mandated to develop a new brand experience that positions Eliezer Pharmacy as the ‘Local Center for Preventive Medicine’ and promotes increased sales through greater interaction with the pharmacist. Currently operating fifteen outlets in the South-South region of Nigeria, Eliezer is a young, progressive and innovative pharmacy group with exciting plans to continue building their brand’s presence.

Lesmor approached this by creating an identity through applying fresh thinking to the traditional pharmaceutical packaging of snake(s) wrapped around a staff to signpost a pharmacy with innovative new services. In ancient tradition, but also in the Christian faith, the octagonal shape symbolizes resurrection and spiritual renewal, values that Eliezer embraces and wishes to protect. From the selection of the friendly colour palette, to the bold visual identity, every aspect of the brand speaks about integrity, honesty, and genuine concern.












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