[Sponsored] Electronic Cigarettes: Beneath the Surface

Barring some unexpected discovery, it’s safe to say that whether big tobacco likes it or not, e-cigarettes are here to stay. And while many of us (millions in fact) have successfully transitioned to the new nicotine delivery system, how much do we really know about e-cigarettes and the relatively simple technology that powers them?

For those who may not know, e-cigarettes were designed to offer smokers a safer alternative to conventional tobacco products, while preserving the comforting feeling associated with smoking. In fact, some devices even go so far as to actually mimic the glowing tip when the user inhales. While nicotine, flavored vapor, portability, and a nod to the nostalgia of a lit cigarette are all things capable of describing vaping devices, there’s so much more too them.

Electronic Cigarettes: A Brief History

Unbeknownst to many of us, the first U.S. patent (a patent that would subsequently serve as the inspiration for the e-cigarette we know and love today) was issued way back in 1963 to inventor Herbert Gilbert. Gilbert has long maintained the position that e-cigarettes didn’t immediately take off because, among other things, tobacco companies used their influence to preserve the integrity of their own product lines.

In spite of its initial conceptual roots residing in the United States, vapers the world over have China to thank for the modern e-cigarette. In 2004, e-cigarettes began to see widespread appeal; the success witnessed in the Chinese market paved the way for e-cigs in Europe and eventually, in North America.

What are They Comprised of?

In spite of turning the tobacco industry on its ear, the technology used in e-cigarettes is relatively simple.

Source: Wikipedia


While the design of the casing may vary (for examples, see below), most e-cigarettes make use of three basic components:

  • A cartridge (this holds the liquid that will invariably be turned into vapor)
  • A heating device or coil (used to convert the liquid into vapor)
  • A power supply (battery)

In most devices, the simple act of puffing activates the heating device, allowing the transformation to take place.

In a very real sense, e-cigarettes themselves have provided users with a form of self-expression in a way that your run-of-the-mill cigarette simply couldn’t do. For example, you’d never find a conventional cigarette shaped like a grenade, now would you?

Source: Wikipedia


It’s interesting to see how vape machine manufacturers have capitalized on the collector mentality. Having so many different options on the market, users can’t help but to add to their vaping collections. In a way, shopping for a new vaping device is a lot like shopping for new clothes or new accessories. Even the “standard” e-cigarettes vary greatly in the way they look.

Source: Wikipedia


Unconventional E-cigarettes

Rightfully so, most of the talk surrounding electronic cigarettes concerns their impact on one’s health, the moral and or ethical dilemma of whether or not they’re encouraging the world’s youth to take up smoking (point of fact, they aren’t. Numerous studies have shown that there is no evidence to suggest any kind of correlation between the use of e-cigarettes and the incidence of smoking in teens and young adults).

Vaping With Your Cellphone

Jupiter has found yet another use for our beloved smartphones: vaping. Thanks to the device pictured below, your cellphone can double as your vaping device. While that in and of itself is pretty neat, the coolest features are the versatile app that can track usage and the enhanced battery capable of powering both devices for a prolonged period.

Source: Vaporcade


NES Controller Anyone?

Litt Up Custom E-cigs’ controller vaper will likely appeal to gamers both young and old. Like Jupiter’s cellphone inspired device, the NES inspired device offers yet another example of the potential marketability of these devices.

Source: Litt Up Custom E-cigs


When it comes to e-cigarette designs, it seems as though the only limit is the limitation of the human mind. And as true as it might be that e-cigarettes are marketed as a device focused on promoting a healthier lifestyle, there is no doubting that the appeal of a custom unit is gaining ground.

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