EarlyBirds Application & User Interface

EarlyBirds is a platform that customers use to outsource tasks they either do not want, or do not have time, to take care of themselves. The site allows the Early Birds to create an account and list their skills to make themselves appear 
marketable to Customers. Customers will list a Mission and an amount they are willing to pay.

DtailStudio started with a detailed wireframe… this allowed them to link pages and page elements, with flawless functionality. Throw in some cool graphics – along with a little Dtail magic – and they’re on track for the ultimate user experience! They wanted to welcome users in with a clean, functional home page, that is easy to use and fun to interact with.

Sketching the Character

They started out with a range of sketches, introducing the all-important Birds themselves! It took a lot of fine tuning, for them to created the perfect look, feel and personality of each Early Bird. So, now they’ve got Early Birds all over the place, ready to take on tasks for their customers.


The mobile app! They wanted EarlyBirds to be fast and friendly, easy to access and quick to get the job done. It stands to reason then, that the customers should be able to post missions on the go! So, they build the iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. Much like the regular site, the EarlyBirds app allows customers to post their missions, browse nearby Birds, earn badges on completed missions, and every every other feature present on the web platform.

And below a look to what DtailStudio came up with:

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