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Doppio, Italian for “double”, is a double shot of espresso in the same cup. For creators, it’s a double common interests: coffee and love for one another. For the contents of this post, it’s the identity of the Brazilian blog. Diego Carneiro, designer of this identity sees it like the following situation: It’s the situation where you and another are at the end of the day or week and you’re with the desire / need to sit down to put together the affairs of one another, accompanied by a coffee.

“Where are we going?”

Was what motivated the birth of the blog: the question that arises for this couple of Curitiba, Brazil, which at random times when they felt a sudden urge to go to a cafe to talk about everything and anything. Change the routine, researching new destinations, experiencing new flavors, see different people and, why not share these experiences with others seeking the same experiences? The purpose of this blog is not to be “critical”, much less to advertise this or that place, but to share experiences, expectations and impressions.













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