Jessica Chastain As Princess Merida In Latest Disney Dream Portrait By Annie Leibovitz For Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH JESSICA CHASTAIN AS PRINCESS MERIDA -- In this handout photo provided by Disney Parks, taken September 25, 2013 in Cold Spring, NY, Jessica Chastain poses for acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz as Merida, the adventurous princess from 'Brave.' The newest "Disney Dream Portrait" was commissioned by Disney Parks for their ongoing celebrity advertising campaign which debuted in 2007. The Leibovitz image, which will appear in the February issue of 'O - The Oprah Magazine,' is entitled, 'Where your destiny awaits.' (Photo by Scott Brinegar/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Color palette

  • #201F21
  • #D8D7D2
  • #95999D
  • #8C7B6B
  • #A79777
  • #ADA19B
  • #59483B
  • #6A6C71
  • #4C8CE4
  • #685F42

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