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Over the last weekend Daily Inspiration was invited to cover the art and design installations at Dimensions Festival 2014 with its great selection of upcoming young talents.



The festival is a glorious celebration of the latest trends in music, culture and art. Situated on a small peninsula home of a charming  abandoned fort in the heart of Croatia, the site provides the thousands visitors with a dream location to appreciate at most music and art alongside the beauty of Croatian nature and the last reminiscences of summer.

Beside the stunning line up of musicians and DJs, an enormous effort was propagated by the design team captained by the London based art director Ruth Gordon, to create an exquisite  visual experience for the international crowds without undermining the natural beauty of the site.

Dimension have been greatly investing on the artistic aspect of the festival. Back in spring they sent out a call for artists’ submissions after the “Reflective” theme. The brief asked creatives to come up with inventive ways to capture festivalgoers’ imagination and accentuate the natural beauty of the festival site. The response was in Gordon’s word, “Overwhelming, making the selection process exciting but extremely tough!”

Eight projects were finally selected to be showcased at the festival, granting the young artists a unique opportunity to exhibit their work in front of more than 15.000 people. An eclectic mix of medias, concepts and interactive experiences was presented to people enhancing the festival experience in fun and engaging ways.

I spent an afternoon meeting the artists and the design team members to ask them about their projects. Here it is now an extract from the interviews.




Play by studio Tessellate (Lewis Zanetti and Gregg Raven), is a fun interactive installation that allows users to create their own music track using a series of samples, samples can be looped by pressing a different area on the wall. The project is the result of a research project exploring the enhanced opportunities that an interactive environment can offer to interior design and architecture practices. I’ve personally spot people spending more than 15min playing, dancing and juggling the different sounds exploring the hundreds of possible combinations the installation offers. Technically the installation is rather simple, using a MakeyMakey board to connect the different areas to a foil switch closing the circuit as you pressed one of the areas. Really good!



The massive Welcome Sign greeting the crowds as they walk in the festival is the result of a collaboration between illustrator Tinashe Mandimika, and Bartlett architecture students Max Worrell and Jamie Hignett. The sign, incredibly built in less than 3 days,  is a visual response to the interdependence between day and night. Obviously, being a music festival the end of day means the beginning of a complete new world and viceversa, the installation tries to reflect this through light. The installation constantly take on new life as the environmental light conditions change. In the morning the sun shines from the front highlighting the beautiful illustrations, during the day the colours become more flat (a reflection of the daily comatose status of festival goers maybe?), by the evening the sun setting right behind the sign makes the visual impact truly amazing (instagram orgasms) and eventually space is left to darkness and a lighting system shining glory to the typographic work.





Irieye collective (Alex Beaumont, Sumer Mehta, Aniruddh Mehta) is responsible for the creation of Portal, probably the most appreciated installation at the festival. The Portal is a multilayered construction illuminated with UV light as well as standard projections. The result is an anamorphic perspective illustrating the Dimension logo, as you walk-by the whole visual structure evolves and mutates into unpredictable forms and shapes. A constant line of people queued up to take pics, videos and the inevitable selfies next to the work.


Attracted to Light is an installation made out of metal embodying the “Reflective” theme at its best. Artist Rosemary Booth, with help from Tom O’Brien, Clare Cummings and kate Thompson have created a 5m long metal, hand-pierced canvas with light shining from the back at night, it is comprising of more than 200.000 holes altogether. “The whole process involves making marks in response to the previous one, with patterns building up naturally in abstract and unpredictable ways”.





Dimension 2014 also offered a diverse spectrum of more classical illustrations, great artists illustrated a number of sites across the festivals. The collective Fables Creatives (Ben Clark, Josh Fry, Ross Lamerton ) have created a series of bird illustration popping out of trees all across the fort. The striking collection consist of a series of organic, surreal, black&white or colour illustrations inspired by publications like LeGun, the artworks perfectly harmonized the vibe of the festival.

AR AKA Anna Rewinska is a London based illustrator, street art, self-taught  freelance. She created a series of gosthy illustration to surprise visitors in the most hidden spots of the festival, a sort of unexpected intrusion for the late night drifting crowds.



Ferrofluid Dreams is a collection of photographic experiments conducted by Tom Allison. The collection of photographs depict the psychedelic magnetic evolution of paint and ferrofluid when placed against a rare-earth magnet.

It would feel absolutely unprofessional and unjust to conclude the article without any mentions to its majesty, the Croatian Sun. He has been working full time to create unprecedented patterns on unprepared brits white bodies. Beautifully crafted patterns, bold shapes, refined lines, meticulous pois compositions reflecting a natural creativity that every Brits, and Germans, at the festival will not forget easily alongside the incredible experience of Dimension 2014.



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