Digital Art On Your Phone: Can You Purchase Art Through Your Screen?

Even if you appreciate a good piece of art, contemplating whether it will actually work inside your home can be a concern. Although you might like a piece, that does not necessarily mean it will automatically fit and blend within your established home design.

For many people, this is a problem which is being amplified in the digital age that we live in. Nowadays, the internet itself takes the form of a virtual gallery, with art pieces being found and purchased all over the world with a simple scroll and click. But without the ability to actually look at the piece and take in its details, surely there is even more chance to get it wrong?

Actually, this could not be further from the truth. While witnessing artwork physically can be hugely beneficial for different reasons, finding art online is easy, efficient and offers far less risk when it comes to making bad decisions.

Online vs Offline Personalisation

While on the surface, it might seem like you can get up close and personal with art pieces in the flesh, the online sphere should not be underestimated when it comes to personability. Ordinarily, in a store or a gallery, the context of an art piece comes only in the form of a label with the creator’s name.

When it comes to online sites, however, you can get an entire profile on the creator, including their background, inspiration and examples of their other works. This allows you to attain a far wider idea of the art itself, which can be very important when it comes to your decision to purchase it.

Online vs Offline Variety

The other positive thing about digitally buying artwork, is that you are able to find options which are specifically catered to you. Traditionally, buying artwork is a case of searching through local stores, galleries and auctions, in the hope that you will find something right for you and your home. Online, however, this random search is replaced with pinpointed, accurate search engines which can immediately cater towards you.

This can be important for anyone, no matter what their preferences are. If you were looking for Judaica artwork, for instance, then this would be quite hard to pinpoint locally. Online, however, a quick visit to the Israeli Judaica web will offer you a range of artist profiles, along with a number of art choices which could work for you. This is the same for any religion, culture or movement. All it takes is going online, making a quick search, and your work is done.

Online Vs Offline Assurity

As mentioned previously, although you can find a piece of artwork which you love, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work inside your home. The digital market, however, has changed this. It is far easier to visualise a piece of art in a particular room if you are inside that room in the first place.

To visit a store or gallery and try to imagine both that space and the art’s integration is far more difficult, and it can easily lead to making an error. Through using the web, you can contemplate the art piece inside the very place it is going to live, and you can therefore get far more of an immediate idea about whether or not it is going to work.

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