Why design your logo online?

You’ve been racking your brain, trying to find the perfect company name and you’ve finally found it. Now it’s time for you to design your logo. Designing a logo is not the simplest of tasks, it takes hours of thought, reflexion and ideas. You can either contact a web agency or design your logo yourself online.

A number of sites have made their appearance on the web offering creative and affordable online logo design tools. These sites offer creative, user friendly online tools which are surprisingly practical. The design process is very straight forward. Simply add your company details (company name and slogan), select a logo template and add your finish touch. Today, designing a logo yourself has never been so easy and affordable.


A good logo maker site should allow you to personalize your logo by adding custom colors. Finding the right harmony of colors is essential, the colors must be adapted to you industry.

  • Yellow – happiness, warmth, positivity
  • Orange – fun, creative, youthful
  • Red – action, adventure, energy, passion
  • Pink – feminin, gentle, innocent, romantic
  • Purple – luxury, fantasy, royalty, sophistication
  • Blue – Calming, confident, loyal, established
  • Green – Fresh, bio, natural, environmental
  • Black – Authority, boldness, formal, serious, exclusive
  • White – Pure, innocent, simplistic

If you don’t have any idea of what colors you should be using, most online logo design services offer a variety of pre-selected color codes which will help you choose.


Most people think that fonts are just a commodity when designing logos. This is a misperception. You will find that fonts are just as important as graphic elements and will account for half, sometimes even 100% of your logo’s aesthetics. Most online logo design sites have a library of fonts to choose from. Your font must be adapted to printing on all formats (small and big). Your font must be visible from a distance, on a billboard or sign for example and up close, on stationary products.
Most online logo maker sites will favor bold fonts as these fonts are generally easier to read and more recognizable.


A good online logo design site will offer you a selection of logo icons to choose from. An icon that works should be simple, catchy and easy to memorize. Depending on the type of company you have, you may choose to create a logo with or without an icon. For example fashion companies usually tend to favour text based logos for the prestige. Other industries like the food industry usually include an icon in their design layout. But most businesses prefer using icons to represent their company because icons are easily memorized and can be used in a versatile way.

The perks of online logo design

Online logo design has many advantages. Once you’ve designed your logo, you will be able to download your graphic files directly from your online account. You can design as many versions of your logo as you like and save each version to your account in order to compare. Online logo designing means that you are in control of your logo! Most online logo design sites offer special services on top of your logo design. For example logogenie.net offers a social network option which allows you to download graphic compositions with your logo for your Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter profiles.

Whether you decide to contact a professional or you decide do-it-yourself. It is crucial that you obtain the right graphic files. You should be able to obtain HD JPG, PNG and PDF files of your logo for your print and web needs. You should be able to obtain EPS vector files of your logo. Most printing companies will ask you for this format for printing such products as business cards and letter heads. EPS formats allow you to enlarge your logo without any quality loss. This file is ideal for large supports like banners and signs.

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