Design Concept for the Atsuro Tayama Shop in Hong Kong

In this post the concept design for a shop in the Hong Kong Times Square for leading Japanese fashion designer Atsuro Tayama, designed by Ito Masaru.

With the popularization of the Internet, all industries are becoming homogeneous with global standards, and the goal of a design now is to differ from the others and to establish its branding.

As a result, many deliberate oddities in design have been born recently for the sole purpose of said differentiation, causing many drawbacks in the actual functionality of the designs.

The concept of this shop design is the remixing of two diametrically opposed aesthetics While still maintaining the established identity and status of the “ATSURO TAYAMA” brand, a minimalist atmosphere coexisting with originality is the main goal of this space.

The first element of the layout is merchandise arranged on hangers so that the products follow the walls all the way to the back. Made up of hard walls with a firm appearance from the mortar and stucco construction, and the clothing on the hangers installed inside the space, it has the effect of luring customers farther inside, stimulating their subconscious because the clothing forms a floating line all the way to the back of the store and contrasts with the hard surroundings.

Another element of the shop’s design was that, by employing a form that was both simple and bold with large amounts of wood to provide texture, we had intentionally created a perceivable juxtaposition with the interior hangar space, making the dignified intensity possessed by the brand co-exist with the soothing wooden material.

The combination described above is presented as an original form of minimalism not seen elsewhere, coupled with the powerful creative space found within the refined elegance of the brand.



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