Which Design Approach Will Be More Constructive: Responsive Or Mobile Web

Mobile presence is significantly becoming more crucial for businesses of almost every sector. And, as far as a web presence is concerned it is indubitably imperative. But, here in this article, our prime concern is how to make your web presence easily accessible to mobile audiences.

Ever since the advent of smartphones and other Internet enabled mobile devices, the businesses are able to efficiently reach a wider audience base to promote their products and services. While offering greater usability to the users on the go, this trend is certainly leveraging the businesses with significant results. Therefore, if you are still not targeting the mobile users, you are massively missing on a colossal potential consumer.

For the folks who are interested in creating a mobile presence, there are basically two approaches that are highly in trend. This includes responsive designs or creating a mobile website. Now, you might be wondering that which approach will best benefit your business.

Let’s throw some light on these approaches to scrutinize their ins and outs by considering certain factors; this will help you appropriately streamline your choice.

1. Ready for the Future

With the ever fluctuating design trends, latest mobile devices and next generation browsers, it is essential to revamp your mobile presence with a trendy design approach. As, an updated look and feel helps target mobile audiences more efficiently. However, this may incur higher maintenance cost. Technology has helped us create apps and websites while keeping the fluctuating mobile design in mind. The responsive design perfectly allows one to ensure a great mobile design that can work on diverse mobile devices.

2. Deliver Ultimate Experience

A responsive design is basically leveraged by the targeted mobile devices, as devices help boost the user experience by automatically adjusting the website as per the screen size and orientation. However, a mobile site is essentially a copy of a website and sever is responsible for optimizing the look and feel of the site for mobile users. It offers a fresh and unique mobile user experience.

3. Development Cost

If yours is a startup company, the cost incurred for developing an effective mobile presence is extremely crucial. While keeping the simple needs of a small business in mind, the cost of developing a mobile-optimized website would be a more viable option that investing in the responsive design. This is because responsive design needs certainly more coding, testing and optimization and this is why it costs more.

Therefore, if you don’t have enough budget in your hands, it is advisable to go with the mobile web approach.

4. How it will Impact the design

For startup companies, it is imperative to think of a business solution that can ensure surefire result while integrating minimal resources. And, when the choice has to be made from mobile web ore responsive design, it has been observed that they both offer different kind of impact. The responsive design impacts the overall usability, whereas, the mobile web designs particularly focus over delivering navigation ease, instant web page loading, and so forth.

5. Maintenance Cost

This is another imperative factor that must be considered while making a choice between mobile web and responsive design. With the fluctuating Smartphone trends, the mobile web approach demands a relatively more maintenance. As, with the changing technology and trends, revamping a mobile site could be expensive. On the contrary for the responsive design, the maintenance cost is certainly lower. In fact, the integrated media queries and fluid grids offer a simple web design solution that can be conveniently maintained with the rapidly flourishing technology.

6. Return on Investment

For small business owners, a high return on investment (ROI) has been always the better choice. As such, when you combine the above factors, a different picture surface. With greater functionality, reduce maintenance and redesign costs and a greater impact across a growing number of platform and devices can be observed, thus it is evident that responsive design offers a high ROI.

Final Thought:

To choose a productive option between the responsive design or mobile web approach, it is essential to think from a business perspective instead of going deep into their technicalities.

In the above sections, the responsive design and mobile web approaches are compared over a few essential factors. This may help you choose an appropriate strategy and thus, thrive for generating better ROI, and enhancing your business value.

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