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If you read our posts on a regular basis, you may have seen some work in progress screenshots in several posts or on our Facebook page. This has been in the making for over 4 months now. The reason of this, is that our previous back-end system reached its limits. As you probably know, I started this website as a school project, not knowing that I would still run it after 2 years. With this upgrade I implemented a new back-end system, made for bigger websites. To do so I had to copy all current posts by hand, because of a different database setup. Because of that I decided to remove some old and broken posts and I updated our error page, so you know when I removed a post. The most important rule for me through this upgrade was site speed. I wanted the website to load as quickly as possible. If you visit for the first time, it might take a while, but after that the website loads way faster than the previous version. 

A lot of the old site is implemented in this version, but there are some new features as well. First of all the ‘Inspire me!’ button. This will redirect you to a random post on our website. The random option in the menu will order all posts randomly. Even if you go one page further and then back the output will be randomized. Further, if you click on an image within a post, this image will open in an overlay and you will be able to share just that image and not the whole post (which is still possible though). To increase the site speed I had to remove some features as well, mostly because they where included via external scripts, resulting in long loading times. See the images below with some more info. (Keep in mind, normally the source of an image will link to the website of the creator of that image, for this page the images will link to this page).

DI - Responsive Design (Large Screen Size)

DI - Responsive Design (Common Screen Size)

DI - Responsive Design (Small Screen Size)

DI - Responsive Design (Tablet)

DI - Responsive Design (Smartphone)

DI - Single Image View (Activate on click)

DI - Improved Search Results

Bugs: So far I came across one annoying bug, I had tagged every post but when I moved the website from my local development environment to this server all tags mysteriously disappeared. I will add them again, but it will take some days to retag all posts again.

If you come across something which doesn’t feel right, please let me know!

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Houke de Kwant is a frontend developer from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study).

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