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I am pleased to share a new project of Igor Sirotov with you, called ‘Da-House’. The house is located on the plain of the Black Sea coast.  Its area makes 350 sq.m.  The house has one floor + garage with two cars in a cellar. The inhabited part includes a kitchen-dining room, a bedroom, children’s, wardrobe and 3 bathrooms. In the adjacent territory is a pool with a recreation area in the open air.

The image of the house is inspired by Japanese architecture, a combination of traditional and modern.  Dominating materials as always in Igors projects are concrete, a tree and glass by means of which he tries to create cosiness and heat.  Artificial light plays an important role, its role to open richness of the invoice of the materials chosen by Igor.

Unusual part of the house is the transparent ceiling of the garage which is a floor of a corridor of the inhabited part of the house.





















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