Creative Campaign: Stage Fright, So Real It’s Scary 2

The legend goes that a lot of men have issues in the men’s room when somebody is looking at them. To test just how lifelike the new LG IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitor is, LG did a special psycho-physical test in the men’s room. Now let’s see who can fight STAGE FRIGHT…

Seoul, Mon. 16th, 2013 – LG Electronics (LG) today released Stage Fright – So Real It’s Scary 2, the anticipated sequel to last year’s hit viral video, So Real It’s Scary. Featuring the exceptional 21:9 UltraWide monitor, the second installment of the series will again pose the question – just how real are images on an LG IPS monitor? Check it out below!

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The Responses

“The shocked responses elicited in Stage Fright – So Real It’s Scary 2 are genuine” said Mr. Kwon Il-geun, Vice president IT Business Unit. “Each startled reaction serves as confirmation that LG’s outstanding IPS picture quality can fool the human eye. Expressing vivid, true-to-life colors and exceptional motion clarity, our IPS monitors provide a truly captivating and immersive viewing experience.”


So Real It’s Scary

A 2012 viral video sensation, So Real It’s Scary begins with a team of workers installing LG IPS monitors in the floor of an elevator. Once everything is in place, hidden cameras film the elevator’s occupants as the cleverly disguised monitors create the illusion of a fast-disintegrating floor. Convincing enough to shock and scare the unsuspecting passengers, the stunt effectively demonstrates the lifelike picture quality produced by LG’s IPS display technology. Within days of being posted on YouTube, the amusing clip was seen by millions worldwide.

Hidden cameras were also employed in the making of Stage Fright – So Real It’s Scary 2, capturing the genuine reactions of unwitting participants in LG’s second IPS video. Resonating with viewers in pre-release evaluations, the clip ranked in the top five percent of viral videos shown to a focus group of 600 people. The video garnered eight out of ten points in three separate survey indexes: retention, engagement and impact.

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