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In the Netherlands there is currently a campaign running to inform the youth about their possibilities in catering. The campaign called ‘Braboneger is on cateringtour to wake you up’. In this video the guy is trying to let you think about questions like ‘You know where you’re entitled to? How about your work hours for example? Or your contract?

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On the website they’re showing the visitor six questions where you’re allowed to pick only one answer. With these six answers they think they have enough information for further negotiations.

Dutch: FNV Horeca maakt duidelijke afspraken met werkgevers over jouw rechten. Over je loon, werktijden, vakanties, feestdagen en opleidingen. Al deze afspraken staan in de cao, oftewel: collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst.

De huidige cao loopt tot 31 december 2013. Daarvoor starten ze met onderhandelen over nieuwe afspraken. Tijdens die onderhandelingen komen zij op voor jouw belangen. Het is dus goed als ze weten wat jij belangrijk vindt. Vul daarvoor even het onderzoek in.

If you’re not from the Netherlands or from Belgium you’re probably not understanding anything the guy says. And I can tell you, if you ever wanted to learn Dutch, this is not the best video to start with, but you will at least get an idea of the language we speak here!

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