Creative Campaign for Ben & Jerry’s

In this post a series of videos for the latest Ben & Jerry’s campaign called ‘make a moody cow happy!’. Quite funny to see how they managed to create a series of four related videos, so if you have some time, be sure to view them all!

Ben & Jerry's Campaign


The Brief

Unlike pigs and hens, Europe’s 23 Million cows don’t have specific rules to protect their welfare. WSPA teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s and Compassion in World Farming to call for new rules. Nice and Serious was asked to produce a series of films to draw attention to the campaign and drive viewers to find out more and sign the petition.

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The Film

Nice and Serious wanted to produce a series of shareable, light-hearted films that directed people to a serious campaign. The serious message is that it is possible to make this ‘moodycow’ happy by signing the petition and therefore supporting the need for urgent action to protect dairy cows across the EU. We had a lot of fun filming the sketches from scratch and have to hand it to one member of the Nice and Serious team who did an incredible job in that cow suit! The use of the #moodycow was used to make sure it was possible to drive a social media buzz around the campaign and really get people fully immersed and engaged in supporting better dairy.

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