Creative Campaign: Foot Locker Sneaker Skills

In our creative campaign series we work together with Goviral Network who deliver us videos which are, or are about to go, viral. In this new campaign by Foot Locker (completely run through Facebook) you will see some Foot Locker employees showing there skills with the shoe boxes. It would be very cool if I was about to buy some shoes and this is how they where delivered to me :).

Back in 1974, the idea of a sneaker collection, with different types, styles and models, was unheard of. No-one had even really thought about it. Except them. So they took a deep breath, crossed their toes, and made it happen – introducing a range of sneakers to the world for the very first time. Now there are more than 4000 Foot Locker shops across the globe – making them the world’s leading sports-fashion store.


Creative Campaign

Creative Campaign

Creative Campaign

Creative Campaign

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