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Through the slogan “Curitiba has the Face of the World. Mueller has the face of Curitiba “, Shopping mall Mueller
welcomes visitors who come from outside Curitiba to follow the World Cup. It is also a tribute to the residents of the state capital,
who bring  people of different nationalities together and are part of the history of the city and Mueller.

The team worked with the idea of the various ethnicities who migrated to Curitiba over the years and transformed that idea in the works below… Because Curitiba is a multiethnic city, they used the duality between people and flags of different countries  to demonstrate the great mix of people there. At the same time they highlighted that part of Mueller’s history in Curitiba. All with the goal so that tourists who come to Curitiba can  identify with the first mall in the Capital.

“We had the challenge of talking about the Cup even with all the legal restrictions on the use of expressions. Then chose to talk about people who live in the city, especially those that come here in that period (World Cup 2014), and the result is a campaign simple and with striking images” says creative director of Brainbox, Mark Minini.



















 Total list of credits
  • Grupo OM Comunicação Integrada
  • Campanha Copa do Mundo 2014
  • Diretor Geral de Criação: Renato Cavalher
  • Brainbox Design Estratégico
  • Diretor de Criação: Marcos Minini
  • Designer: Sandro França de Souza
  • Redação: Marcos Minini e Sandro França de Souza
  • RTVC: Edson Perin
  • Fotografia: Vanessa Ellis e Marc Ellis
  • Finalização: Daniel Ishikawa e Pierre Poli
  • Produção Gráfica: Josiane Figueiredo
  • Mídia: Felipe Zétola, Silvana Pazin, Antônio Vaz e Verônica Doetzer
  • Atendimento: Christine Brum, Marina Cedran Piro e Daniele Lara
  • Aprovação: Daniela Baruch, Melissa Barbosa, Adriana Cardoso e Juliana Grapiuna

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