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Legambiente was founded in 1980 and is today the largest and most popular Italian environmental association. Legambiente is made ​​by an association and free citizens who strive to improve the livability of the environment and to ensure the health of the community and respect for the law. Promoting a new lifestyle and a change in human attitudes towards the environment: this is the mission of an association that looks to a future where development and environmental protection go hand in hand. Legambiente is pacifist and non-political association that has the ambitious goal of compliance with environmental law as a daily act of each individual and the community.

Why stop the coal?

  • Coal is the main cause of climate change is estimated to be responsible for more than 40% of CO2 emissions on a global scale.
  • Coal is a fossil fuel obsolete and highly polluting.
  • Coal is also dangerous to human health, causing serious illnesses.
  • The coal has serious economic impact on the State and citizens as well as worsen the energy dependence.
  • Coal subtracts investments in the development of energy efficiency and renewable rinnovali, clean and safe, to achieve the objective 100% renewable.
  • The coal is no longer needed, in Italy today are installed electric power to approximately twice the peak electricity we consume. Can we close coal plants, starting from the most polluting.





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