Creating Corporate Brand Identity Design

What many do not understand is that there is quite a huge process behind the creation of proper logo/graphic design. It is important that the designer puts in a lot of work. The process always involves talent, time and a lot of research. There are currently thousands of web designers out there that simply offer services at a really low price tag while offering a really fast turnaround. You will most likely receive something cheap when you pay a low fee so you have to understand what is behind creating the design for the creation of corporate brand identity.


Based on a discussion that we have with the financial industry experts at the Monetary Library blog, we can tell you that creating corporate brand identity design basically involves the following and you should dismiss all offers that do not include these factors:


Any designer that wants to design something for a corporate branding purpose has to understand the client. This is definitely the most important part of the process since this is what leads to an appropriate graphic being created. The time that is spent on research is basically focused on the following:

  • Making sure that the design will properly represent the serviced client
  • Making sure that the design created will be relevant based on the target audience that the corporate brand has
  • Making sure that time will be saved by being able to avoid unnecessary redesign of everything created


Every single corporate brand needs to be unique. The design process should go through the process of brainstorming, evaluation and sketching before completion happens. The best design is not the one that comes easily and quickly. It is actually quite rare to see something like this happen. A professional designer will always approach the project from various angles in order to be able to offer the best possible results.


This one may seem weird but there are many designers out there that do not actually listen before they start working. We are talking about the conversation that is held with the client. It is always vital to engage in such a conversation. Client feedback will always be necessary in order to offer a highly successful product. The designers discuss with the client and always take the feedback into account, while offering a professional opinion in the event that there are some disagreements. Communication is paramount to the success of corporate branding so working with designers that do not really listen can lead to huge problems.

Finalizing The Design

So many design companies just offer the design before any feedback is received. It is a bad idea to pay for something and then simply get a design in return, without being sure that the work is actually finalized. This is a lot more common than you may be tempted to believe. Make sure that the designer will offer the designs in all necessary formats, including those that allow modifications to be done in the future. We are talking about the identity of a corporate brand so modification will appear in the future. You need to editable files.

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