Cities, Countrysides and Coastlines: The Pantone Colours of the UK

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With all that is going on in the world right now, enjoying the beauty of the UK has never been more important. This year UK staycations have been more popular than ever, from coastal breaks to countryside escapes and city stays.

That’s why we have decided to put together a visual guide to the beauty of the UK, with our colourscapes highlighting the variety of different colours you can expect to see across some of the UK’s most popular spots – from the white sand of Cornwall, to the purple lavender of the Cotswolds, and the green and brown mountains of the Peak District. Read on below to view our colourscapes and find out more about each of these colourful destinations.


The Cotswolds is known for its rolling greenery, quaint villages and eye-catching lavender fields. Green Pantone shades ranging from the yellowish 584 C to the darker 4216 C can be found among the countryside, while the brick cottages display shades of 425 C and 4245 C. The iconic lavender is the Pantone purple shade of 7680 C.


When you think of London the first colours that spring to mind are surely white and red. That iconic red of postboxes, telephone boxes and buses is Pantone 1797 C, while the off-white buildings include shades of Pantone’s 4745 C. At night, the city lights up in colours of pale blue 2220 C, dark blue 2765 C, and Pantone’s Black C.

Peak District

One of the most beautiful countryside spots in all of the UK is the glorious Peak District. The dramatic landscapes and rolling hills display shades of green, brown, yellow and orange. The more orange-tinted brown of the hills displays shades of Pantone’s 1615 C, while greens range from a very dark 547 C to a more yellow-based 4021 C and a pale 5835 C.


From the historic buildings of York, to the bustling cities of Leeds and Sheffield and the beauty of the Dales and the Moors – Yorkshire offers a diverse and breathtaking range of landscapes. In the countryside you can find greens of dark 574 C to very bright 377 C, while the architecture across the cities bring in greys of 427 C to browns of 7504 C and red 167 C. The iconic and spooky Whitby Abbey displays shades of Pantone’s 425 C and 426 C.


The red brick of Manchester has to be one of the city’s most iconic colours, and it aligns with Pantone’s 2443 C. Meanwhile, the bright yellow tram you will often see zooming through the city is in Pantone 129 C, and other colours you can see coming through the city’s mix of old and modern architecture range from more red-based tones of 7620 C and 2448 C to grey shades of 425 C and 4281 C.

Lake District

Undoubtedly another of the UK’s most majestic beauty spots is the Lake District. The famed lakes range in shades of blue from a light 3577 C to a richer 646 C and much darker 653 C. The surrounding mountainous landscapes display the brown of Pantone’s 7553 C and 7571 C alongside the dark green of 574 C.


Potentially Britain’s most beloved seaside region, Cornwall is known for its white sandy beaches and sparkling blue-green waters. The white sand of Cornwall comes in shade 11-0110 Buttercream, while the sea ranges from a turquoise 2241 CP to a bluer 2142 C. The rocky landscapes and beach houses surrounding the coast can be found in shades of 425 C, 430 C and 421 C.


Scotland’s historic capital of Edinburgh is truly a sight to behold. The ancient buildings from the castle and those found along the Royal Mile display rich and light browns of 4243 C and 4254 C. Those who know the gem of a city well will also be familiar with its rows of bright buildings bringing in a rainbow of colours including blue 7689 C to a bright pink in shade 7423 C.


The Northern Irish capital is a bedazzling mix of industry, naval, historic and modern clashes. The city’s older red brick buildings display orange shades of 2432 C and 174 C, while the modern architecture brings in the silvery shade of Pantone’s 16-5803 TPG Flint Gray. The city’s maritime history brings in blue shades of 2121 C and 2718 C.


From the city’s traditional old-style houses in shade 7499 C to the historic castle shaded P 26-11-U, and the red-bricked Grade I listed Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay shaded Pantone 19-1250 TPG Picante – the Welsh city of Cardiff boasts a wide array of different scenes. The many grassy areas surrounding the city’s most iconic sites bring in shades of 7496 C, while the city’s more modern architecture offers grey colours of 4130 C and 4135 C.

We hope our UK colourscapes help bring a touch of the beautiful colours of our country to your home this winter, and may encourage you to explore more of our home country where and when it is possible to do so.

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