A Brochure Made Entirely Without Energy

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The EDP Foundation, through its A2E (Access-to-Energy) area, provides sustainable energy solutions to poor, non-electrified communities. Its projects have been implemented in many regions across Africa and South America, taking life-changing energy access to thousands of people in need.

In order to present these projects, EDP Foundation wanted a simple brochure. But instead of going straight to the computers and printers, Leo Burnett did the opposite. They put themselves in the place of those people and decided to make it under the same conditions. From designing to printing it in large quantities, everything was made without electricity. Even the process was documented manually: its making of was shot in a LomoKino and the photos were taken with an old reflex camera.

Their goal with this project is, not only to present EDP Foundation’s work, but also to make people think about the millions of people that live without any access to anergy around the world (almost 1/5 of world’s population).





























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