BrieFix: A New tool for designers to get Smart Design Briefs

BrieFix: A New tool for designers to get Smart Design Briefs. In this article I’ll introduce you an online tool for designers. If you’re about to release something new, contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you!


Designers agree that a vital element in the design process is the creative brief. Without it the creative process cannot begin. But this is not the only impediment. A second major impediment to the beginnings of the creative process is a badly written brief. The problem, in fact, is that clients offer poor briefs because they don’t really have the skill of writing them. Thus, clients need help in writing them so that designers receive complete and effective briefs.



BrieFix is a new tool which helps designers in the briefing process. By addressing the problem both ways, BrieFixaims to resolve communication problems between designer and client so that the result of the design project is successful .When starting a project designers need a complete overview on all the details, objectives and client requests. Otherwise they may start in the wrong direction and the client may decline it, which makes designers waste a lot of time, energy and money. Using BrieFix, designers receive everything they need to know from the start in order to get right to work on the project and avoid any losses by not having to deal with back and forth e-mails and telephones asking for clarifications or extra information from the initially submitted client brief.

As a web-based tool BrieFix can be integrated by designers in their business as extra value to their services. Clients are encouraged and helped to supply all relevant information on the design task by interacting with a highly visual tool. BrieFix extracts information on the product that will receive the design treatment and uses mood boards in order to establish the clients’ wants and likes. Blank spaces inside forms don’t have what it needs to accommodate good communication between client and designer but that’s where BrieFix comes in hand.




Words fail when trying to translate a design concept. We all know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Visuals communicate things that words can’t. A great thing BrieFix does is that it uses mood boards to exhibit ideas and establish the aesthetic look and feel of the design. What may be bold for one person can be perceived as overwhelming by another. That is why BrieFix resolved the vocabulary barrier by excluding it completely when it comes to design preferences. Images and feelings are important here, not words, and the mood boards implemented are conceived in order to generate the desired result without risking misinterpretation. 




More than just generating good briefs, BrieFix is a robust tool that can be fully customizable in order to take the shape of any online identity and is also a very useful brief management tool. It facilitates interaction between designers and their clients and builds trust in the long term. 



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