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Last month I published about a huge Mega Design Bundle deal by and today I am pleased to share their next deal with you! This time, I can present you the ‘Only Best Mock-ups – Mega Bundle!’ deal which will be available for the next 14 days.

Presentation mock-up templates are becoming trendy in modern graphic design. Designers realize that mock-up template can save them a lot of time in presentation process. I come across a lot of portfolios every week and always like it when a design is presented in its context, in a mock-up. That’s why this is a great offer if you like some unique and useful ways of showcasing your designs.

What’s included?
  • $428 worth of Top-Quality Mock-up Templates for Adobe Photoshop
  • more then 150 mock-ups from 8 premium design shops
  • logo, font & text mock-ups, 3D mock-ups, sketch book mock-ups, identity/branding mock-ups, poster mock-ups, magazine mock-ups, business card mock-ups, product box/package mock-ups, Apple devices mock-ups, billboard mock-ups & more

Below some examples from the kit. I took some of which I thought where the most useful, but don’t hesitate to take a look for yourself! Oh, and if you don’t have the money for this deal, they also offer two free mockups for those of you who like to design posters.

A sneak peak inside








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