Best Illustration Tricks For Drawing Characters Quickly

Illustration is very helpful in artwork, especially when it comes to drawing characters. It is an important step that deserves serious attention.

If you are looking to draw characters quickly and effectively,  you probably already have a script that works. Characters need to have their basic shapes and proportions in place, but drawing them can be tricky.

How do you draw a character quickly? There are several different techniques you can use to speed up your drawings. You can learn these techniques to become an expert illustrator and join any specialist illustration companies in NYC such as Astound.

Here are some of them:

1. Use Bold Colors

If you want your character to stand out from the crowd, use bright colors like red or green instead of pastels like blue or yellow which tend to blend. Having strong colors helps make sure that your character is easily distinguished from other characters on the page.

A quick way to do this is by using a pencil or another medium that you can use to create a line drawing. You can also use a pen and paper, but make sure that your lines are thick enough to not get smudged or faded after applying color.

If you are using a pencil, make sure that the tip of the pencil is sharpened so that it can create strong lines and strokes. Using a pen, ensure the nib is clean and sharpened properly. Pick up your paper and create bold lines on your character’s face or clothing.

If you are creating a sketch with a pen and paper, try drawing over other drawings of people to get the right proportions of their faces and bodies.

2. Use the Grid and Guidelines

The grid is one of the most useful tools for drawing characters quickly. It allows you to remember where your eyes will look when you draw, which helps you avoid lines that are too close together or far apart.

Most importantly, this will also help you keep proportions correct when drawing large areas of skin or muscles.

3. Use Simple Shapes

When drawing basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles, use simple shapes instead of complicated ones. For example, if you need to draw a circle, then just draw an ellipse instead of drawing it as a circle with an arrow pointing at its center point.

It is much more accurate than doing so because when you use an ellipse instead of a circle, it won’t matter what angle you are tracing. After all, they both have equal dimensions on each side (half their length).

4. Use Cross Hatching as a Guide for Shading

Cross Hatching is one of those things that looks easy but is quite difficult to do well. It is especially tricky to shade an object from light to dark without any indication of how far into the shade you should go – because it’s hard to tell where anything starts and ends in the first place!

In Conclusion

Practice various elements using different methods and approaches, as shown above, and you will surely draw various amazing characters.

These tips should help speed up your illustration work, allowing you to create more content faster and with greater precision.

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