Beautiful Digital Scapes by Mynti

Laura Grace Rafferty aka Mynti is an illustrator & fine Artist from Philadelphia, PA. In my search for some inspiring landscape works, I came across here portfolio on Shadowness of which you will see a small collection in this post. Laura drew her first mural in crayon (unauthorized graffiti work in five rooms plus a hallway of her house) when she was 2. Since then she’s produced hundreds of paintings, drawings and doodles. She graduated with honors from Temple University with a film and media arts BA, was published twice, received 4 daily deviations on deviantART and many daily features here on shadowness, and have won many second place and honorary mentions in contests online… and now, a feature here. Enjoy her landscapes and if you like this, be sure to visit her website for more!

The Space Between v2

Speedy: Venice

Speedie IV

Sspeedpaint X

NZ Speedpaint II

SpeedPaint VIII

Speedpaint VII

NZ Speedpaint

Shades of Earth

Grist Mill Speedie

Speedpaint XI

Grow, Lil Guy

Misty Morning

Dog Park II

Speedie XII

The Great Hike

Daily Color Challenge

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