Beautiful Digital Artworks by Wvilson Wallace Guimarães

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The Face.
The Repentant
baby head
A Promíscua
arte nova
Knight Maritime
Estética - Esthetics
The Crossing
Shaman - "He who sees in the dark"
New Art -3

Wvilson Wallace is Brazilian artist, an undergraduate graphical design student, with eight years experience in Adobe Photoshop. He is in eternal love with digital arts, following abstract, futuristic and surreal trends. Wallace also accepts freelance Jobs and is always open to interesting and creative opportunities, so if you’re looking for someone who knows how to make impressive works, look no further! In this post a selection of his works, which I came across while browsing Shadowness, enjoy!















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Houke de Kwant is a 27 year old communication & multimedia design graduate from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study). He is currently working as a front-end developer at Ivaldi, an internet agency in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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