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This article’s goal is to help you expand your design expertise in order to work with several clients at the same time. As a web designer, you have the necessary freedom and authority to juggle with a wide range of projects. You will learn to use and explore some of the best tips and productivity hacks available on the WordPress digital market so that you’ll be able to deliver flawless results.

Yes, even though nowadays, almost everyone is a self-taught person, eager to stick with one single attitude: “Do It Yourself.” From teenagers who have the feeling that one day they will conquer the world to prospective customers who frequently say “It’s not that hard, I can do it too.” Of course it’s not true and watching a series of tutorials doesn’t make them designers, but that’s the real situation you need to face it.
Therefore, being a PRO designer means so much more than ten years ago. From staying up to date with the global design trends, testing a bunch of features just to make sure you choose what fits you best, understanding the design-code mix and the user behavior to having the complete skill set to keep everyone happy.

How to say I’m in to any client who knocks on your door

Gaining new clients or keeping the present ones could be translated into so many scenarios: having a good sales strategy, spreading a positive buzz about your work, asking for testimonials from previous satisfied clients or simply doing the right thing at the right time. Frequently, it’s a mixture of all of them, but nothing will convince your prospective clients more than actually respecting your promises. Therefore, you need to make sure you don’t over sale and you are pretty confident about the entire creative process: from A to Z.

So don’t forget that you’re in the driver seat and you have full control on the situation.

Next, stick with us and find out more about good WordPress tips which will help you get new clients, indifferent of the industry there in. Try to keep in mind these keywords:

  • Pre-made layouts
  • Muffin Builder and Visual Composer
  • Layer Slider
  • Improved grids
  • Shortcodes

Starting from here, always remember this following statement:

Delivering quality design work on time means that you can’t start from scratch.

Therefore, feel free to better understand the added value of using pre-made layouts. Basically, all you have to do is to spend some time looking for the ones that suits you best (more than 90+ that you can choose from). Also, they are very straightforward so it’s very simple to get what you want for highlighting your client business strengths.

Muffin Builder and Visual Composer, just to name a few, are some other great editing tools powered by a WordPress theme, such as Be. They give you the space you need to adapt and search for the one-of-a-kind visual patterns. Same is for the improved grid versions and the Layer Slider. Both worth playing with because they save you from the boring side of the work.

Next to these useful levers provided by Be, you have full access to a clean code, easily to manage and work with. You save precious time and, once again, you focus on the design itself. On top of that, you expand your design expertise and work for almost any kind of clients, including those who believe they can handle the design work by themselves. So basically you have all the pieces from a puzzle and all you have to do is to make good use of your know-how, creativity and way of working. Almost 50% of the job has already been done by Be, especially in terms of research and visual approaches, so it’s your turn to do your magic.

Starting from here, give a chance to the next features and start obtaining award-winning results. Not one time, but every time.

  • Start and finish the installation of pre-made layouts by the blink of an eye (one-click away)
  • Edit your work with user-friendly tools (Muffin Builder and Visual Composer)
  • Explore a full package of 90+ pre-made layouts
  • Skim through an entire list of useful shortcodes (200+ items)

If respected, these simple insights will guarantee that you and your client will always be on the same wavelength. You will understand his business requirements no matter how complicated they seem to be at the first sight.

And what can be more eloquent than seeing some relevant examples?

Here’s a list of some beautiful pre-made layouts.


One of the main benefits of using Be is that you can adapt to an entire palette of different needs without compromising the end result. Working simultaneously for opposite clients will force you to experience challenging moments. More than that, you will accelerate your evolution as a web designer and also you will raise your income. Simplify you work as much as possible, focus on the right things and push the pedal to the metal. In the end, that’s what progress is all about, right?

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