Awesome Superhero Bugs

By now, a lot of you have probably seen the Avengers, and if you haven’t seen that one, there’s a big chance that you have at least seen one superhero movie. I have featured quite some superheroes related posts recently, and today I have a new one. This one is an unique one, no posters of superheroes, no custom characters… but bugs! Matt Cowan, a designer from Italy has created a set of 11 superhero bugs and they’re all very good. Go check for yourself…

Miraculummulier AKA Wonder Bug

Procellamutantis AKA Storm Bug

Avisignismutantis AKA Jean Bug

Homovespertillus AKA Bat Bug

Superhomogalaxis AKA Super Bug

Homoarachnis AKA Spider Bug

Gulogulomutantis AKA Wolvie Bug

Homoferris AKA Iron Bug

Centurionovimundis AKA Captain Bug

Deusfulminis AKA Thor Bug

Super Bug Collection

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