You’re Only Mine by Donatella Marcatajo

“You’re Only Mine!” (2014) – against violence on women
By Donatella Marcatajo
Oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm.

“You’re Only Mine!”: one of the most used and banal sentence of a dirty and coward man who beats up his woman. Woman is a puppet on the hand of that man, he dominates her physically and psychologically. Woman is isolated, threatened, mistreated, humiliated, raped.
There’s an inextricable spider web of violences from whom she can’t escape.
A lot of women break up this aspyxiating spider web, but many other understand their situation too late…

Color palette

  • #2A1A0F
  • #62553A
  • #312D23
  • #8B7147
  • #70421B
  • #5E4C44
  • #090705
  • #772121
  • #532E1C
  • #282424

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