Between Worlds by Maria Grønlund

Artwork description: Between Worlds

The pale pink elements floating on a the cyan background resem­ble pretty rose petals—and yet not. As you look closer they ap­pear to be hollow, maybe even fleshy, like organs. The mysterious shapes appear to be neither animal or plant—or maybe both?

Could it be organs that flourish and grow independent of a body?

The sharp shadows under the elements indicate they float on a (water) surface in bright light supporting the idyllic yet surreal feel.

Stylistic it’s also difficult to depict whether the elements are abstract or literal. This leaves the viewer in a field between two worlds where nothing can be labeled or be definitely categorized.

Color palette

  • #F0BCB3
  • #E0A1B1
  • #92ADB2
  • #F5EFF0
  • #37312F
  • #4CBBBF
  • #686461
  • #A3588C
  • #C3CACD
  • #98847C

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