A Whale Tale by Bálooie

Plastics are omnipresent. And plastic garbage in the oceans (and plastic pollution in general) is one of the greatest man made problem of our time. Marine animals eat plastics, humans consume plastics. Some organisms adapted themselves to the new condition and found a new habitat. But most of the effects on the environment are unambiguously negative.

With “A Whale Tale” (pun intended) I want to address this topic in a critical and ironic way. For this I used plastic bags as an esthetically stylistic device. The fact that I needed a relatively huge amount of plastics to finish a digital (!) illustration is both interesting and a bit scary. The computer mouse, the monitor, some of the inner workings of the computer (except the case which is made of steel), the graphic tablet including the pen and the keyboard – all these things comprise plastics. But hey, my coffee mug is made out of steel and porcelain enamel (the manufacturing process not in mind).

Yes, I also produce garbage. No, I don’t have a solution. I just try to make my small contribution by giving up the use of plastic bags at the grocery store where it is possible, by leaving some packaging directly there and by carrying at least one handful of garbage (mostly plastics) to the next trash can after each surf session in my vacation. Every little piece counts.

Comments, critics and discussions are always welcome.

Thanks for watching!

Color palette

  • #F85E69
  • #282C69
  • #EB9FA8
  • #E5758A
  • #E94963
  • #DEE1D4
  • #3B636E
  • #86CBC7
  • #32C4C1
  • #F69290

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