Wall of the Temple of the Universe. Shifting the Dark Reality Part 2 by Dmitry Yurchenko

This illustration – back of the artwork for the Kiev rock band Shifting Reality.

I do not know when the guys finally released his first record and release ever – but I did their job as they became for me an ocean of inspiration: they and their heavy and melodic space music.

This is a continuation of the saga of who was hiding behind the first part of the painting core.

The one whose hands point to 8 different path of development.

The one who released the two-faced serpent Kundalini through the opening 7 Chakras and become like God.

Whoever holds the 4 pillars of the universe, and whose face is reflected in the faces of them, for he is the Living Person.

Air, Fire, Earth and Water entwined in one Spirit and gave birth to our Universe.

He was never born and never go into oblivion – in the eternal Movement brace He resides and is therefore beyond the reach of Life and Death.

8 Winged Wheel of Samsara surrounding it – they are 8 stages being described in the first part of the picture.

This stage of his life – from coming to our world and to transform the Supreme Being.

This inheritance is given to every soul, every Zhivatma destined sooner or later to repeat the path of maturation, passing the lessons of many incarnations in different worlds and universes.

Speed up promotion of the Spirit depends on our own – embodied here and now.

Color palette

  • #675244
  • #856746
  • #9B8C67
  • #C3A87D
  • #988474
  • #3D2816
  • #120805
  • #6B5C43
  • #A47434
  • #A46C44

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