Wall of the Temple of the Universe. Shifting the Dark Reality Part 1 by Dmitry Yurchenko

This picture – front of the artwork for the Kiev rock band Shifting Reality. Their first album – my first serious bid currently in the computer drawing.

So, in general, the whole group of sculptures – a high relief on the exterior wall of a temple of the universe in which unite all world religions and doctrines (as they interpret one and the same).

The quintessence of life, embodied in stone.

Vedas – as a symbiosis of all spheres of knowledge.

4 characters in the corners – is the Earth element (bottom left), Water (bottom right), Fire (top right) and Air (top left). And in the middle is 5 primary elements – Ether (Void), which is the most important because it is Zhivatma (Our own “I”).

Zhivatma’s formed is all the material and immaterial worlds (the Vedas say that zhivatma’s form a molecule, then – the atoms after – minerals, then – plants, animals, fish and birds, and – people).

“I” of each of us is equal to God in quality, but not for power.

This can be explained by the fact that each of us is also the Creator (its reality), and each of us struggling “Zoo” (Land and Water) and “Theo” (Fire and Air).

We all live in order, ultimately, to yourself, finding itself over many lifetimes. This was interpreted very central band logo.

Many of our life are embodied in the form of a ring of Samsara, which is shown around a central core. It delves into a tunnel and decorated with ornaments.

A circle of Samsara located 8 cycles of human existence. All of our lives.

Located on the circle of Samsara names 8 external bodies of Zhivatma’s (what scientists called an aura):

Astral Body (feelings, desires, passions), Buddhic Body (logic), Sathwic Body (spirit, light), Devakonic Body (soul), Mental Body (mind), Physical Body (mat. shell for another season of life), Essential and Causal Bodies.
9 Body – is central to the Our own “I”.

8 Hands woven ingenious way – an 8-wise.

Here to cite Keshava Deva:

“Hands – this is one of the most important parts of the body – says Dev. – Your destiny is in your hands, and it is necessary to understand downright verbatim. Not only because the lines on the hands talk about the past and future of the person, but primarily because the individual fingers perform very special, their own functions in the body perform its “power”. Anyone who enters into possession of such power, able to maintain physical health and get peace of joy … ”

8-pointed star, which is the core of the composition – are vectors of development, space best samples.

Their unending set, but I chose the number 8 as close to sacred 9. Because Number 10 – is the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

Color palette

  • #4B4433
  • #846541
  • #9C9C8C
  • #6B6450
  • #C0A57E
  • #5E4427
  • #A47447
  • #98928E
  • #685A4C
  • #2E1B0D

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