Ulysses by l.xiv

Synthesizing feelings with the painting and shutting in there the energy, the only space it gives rhythmed movement to a unique space. And setting off energy the space-time code of reality is named a stratum of dimension, such as the painting, and cutting again through colours of nature there is the formattedness, that is the name I have chosen, by the feelings; thus, as a unique mood of feeling, the painting is formted with news codes, made spaced fragments of giving the shape to the nuances, that I name nuanced strokes, that unique matrix faded away was born from the five colours: blue, yellow, red, white and black. It is a new dimension as the formtedness reality that you may re-code the feeling by your life-experience. An infinite nuanced range in a unique fragment enclosed into a universe ranging over others.


Color palette

  • #BB6761
  • #533246
  • #DC8875
  • #6D2937
  • #987788
  • #8C5658
  • #A03929
  • #B48D8D
  • #B19BA7
  • #D6B8A2

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