It’s time to sail by Fabrizio Morra

Artwork description: It’s time to sail

Each of us have thought at least once to sail and leave the past behind.
The question arises when in the place in which we are bound there is more beauty than the one where we’re going.
Traveling is the greatest thing in the world but it is also stay on the mainland.
Ports represent this concept, you can stay and see other people who go away or you can be the one that leaves to discover new places.

Color palette

  • #F6F5F6
  • #EAD3A1
  • #7A7C82
  • #AC96A8
  • #B3B7C0
  • #CDC5C9
  • #DC3748
  • #CE5AAC
  • #F5BD1B
  • #3C2442

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