The Writing on the Wall by Omar Sheira

The concept for this piece originated from ancient Egyptian history. On the temples, there are several portrayals of the confrontations between the pharaohs and their enemies. This was shown by the pharaoh grabbing his enemies by the hair and preparing to smite them.

As history does indeed tend to rhyme, this scenario is again repeated today, but across the entire Middle Eastern and North African region and involving several states and non-state actors. So it was my intent to use this piece as a representation of as many regional developments as possible, and the actors shaping them. Look closely and you will find that almost every minor detail hints to a country, idea, or an on-going or past event.

Color palette

  • #745A31
  • #514636
  • #694A2C
  • #D8C496
  • #B29A73
  • #79674A
  • #D1C2A8
  • #966844
  • #D4BB91
  • #937849

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