Summer Spirit by Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton was born in the UK, growing up in an artistic and creative family environment. Her childhood was spent drawing and painting anything that came to hand. Sara moved to Sydney in her early twenties. It was another decade, three children and a further move south to Victoria, before she once again reconnected with her passion for paint.

Sara continued to study and develop her own style, often using Victoria’s natural beauty, and in particular the Bellarine Peninsular where she now lives, as inspiration for her landscape painting works. Have a look at some of them in Sara’s art gallery.

Color palette

  • #C3C695
  • #BB81BB
  • #183242
  • #6B96B1
  • #ABC9D2
  • #713DC3
  • #908D4A
  • #901F31
  • #2EAA92
  • #F0F0F0

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