Strength & Sensitivity by Stefan Savoy

With all the chaos that’s been going on in the United States recently, this piece becomes my reflection on how my sensitivity to my environment affects me. Sometimes an environment or floods of bad news can fill someone with a sort of toxin. Mental noise that you have to spend some time cleaning out. I consider myself a bit sensitive to these sort of things, and showers – or some sort of emotional cleansing – is needed. I created this image, as well as the rest within my series, as both an illustration and a design for T-shirts. Clothing is a small thing, but images are powerful, and the images we communicate to the world can allow us to communicate on levels we aren’t ready for verbally.

Color palette

  • #B6BBC2
  • #428672
  • #383C4B
  • #2BAD47
  • #7F837A
  • #CD6464
  • #8CABBB
  • #8BF7F2
  • #75749A
  • #F8C797

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