Stay Humble Rock Hard by Fabio Marangoni

Everyone listens music. Some of them playes. Others are in a band. Just a few rock.
The illustration represents the synergy, collaboration and bond there are in between a band’s players.
When you do it with passion, what emerges is a unique sound, clean, as each instrument was connected to the other by a force that is difficult to describe even for those who are always off stage.
A tangle of musicians and instruments with the aim to enhance the Music, especially everybody who playes and lives with commitment, energy … and ignorance!

Can you recognize some albums tribute ? Here some clues: Joy Division, Rolling Stones, Blur, Nirvana, Offspring and Pink Floyd.

Color palette

  • #847477
  • #C2BEB2
  • #CAC8C9
  • #847C7C
  • #B4BCBC
  • #7B747C
  • #3D3737
  • #F6F4F5
  • #7C7C7B
  • #9F9C9E

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