Spiritual Wellness by Sara Penco

In a world where we think too much to the exteriority and not enough to the interiority, in which wellness is synonymous of spa, the author represented the care of soul. The enchanted thermal baths are a place where spirits of the Nature use to go to relax and purify their soul. The climate is calm and comic, full of gag and oriental references. The animals are obsequious monkeys, a giant boar checking the water temperature with the grace of a dancer, a majestic deer eating a delicious Nara’s waffles, the fox is not missing! Every detail is deliciously Japanese: zoori, geta, texture, torì, votive statues, … There are also two tributes: one to Miyazaki Sensei and one to the legend that inspired more than a manga. Son Goku legend tells about a gold cloud that can be ridden only by who has a pure soul.

Artist: Sara Penco
Artwork title: Spiritual Wellness
Dimension: 48x68cm or 18″x28″
Quality: typographic printing (offset), embossed, originally signed and supplied with a guarantee certification
Pantone colors: 294 U; Warm Red U; 7499 U; 298 U; 7711 U
Paper: Fedrigoni Century Cotton Wove Premium White 280gr
Date: November 2014
Shipped in: 48hours
Available from: November 24th
Limited edition of: 100 prints

Available on www.gustorobusto.com

Color palette

  • #724C51
  • #3C6C94
  • #739AA3
  • #DD7265
  • #34848C
  • #E2C9A7
  • #A99BA2
  • #97B6BE
  • #223145

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