Solstice Pomarius by Dark Design Graphics

For once, a completely personal design by Dawn from Dark Design Graphics, created from her own imagination and not working to the specifications of our customers. A water colour illustration of the Summer Fruit Fairy or ‘Solstice Pomarius’. She embodies the abundance and beauty of nature at the height of those hazy summer days. Created with layer after layer of different techniques supplying the warmth, atmosphere and more, read all the procedures step by step on our latest project write-up.

Color palette

  • #8D4F4F
  • #586C84
  • #8D8992
  • #B8885B
  • #371F1C
  • #D5B032
  • #924225
  • #D4AF8E
  • #E3D5CF
  • #BB8B88

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